CHARLES RUPERT DESIGNS LIMITED holds copyright to their exclusive wallpaper designs represented on this site:

Use of Design Images

The designs are available to be licensed for a variety of uses - from books, food packaging, stationery and note cards, posters, and more.

The images are licensed for a one-time, renewable use. They are available for a pre-determined, agreed-upon time period, which can be renewed. A signed agreement for the use of the image(s) is required.

The use of the images are not exclusive, but we endeavour to restrict similar usage within a geographic area

Fees for use of Images

Appropriate fees are payable for these uses. The fees vary on the kind of use that the copyrighted images will be used for.

Whether for a one-time use for a poster, or a many-time use for packaging determines the fee to be paid. The area of distribution also will affect the fee to be paid.

A very local use of the image (a theatre poster in a town for example) would be different that a world-wide use for packaging that would continue for several years.

Supply of Images

They are supplied in high-resolution, full-width digital images on a CD. The images are strictly for a one-time use, and only for the purpose that has been licensed. The images are available in colour as available. Some images may be available in Black and White.

Additional Costs

Costs for additional scans, delivery of image, etc. are extra, subject to approval. Renewal fees may change.


We welcome inquiries regarding Licensing of our Images. Please email us with your proposal, indicating which image(s) that you are interested in. Outline the proposed use, distribution and time line. Please add any additional information that applies and we will answer your inquiry promptly.

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Thank you.
Charles Rupert Designs Limited